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Emotion can be used in many different ways. The easiest way to get started is to use the emotion package.

yarn add emotion

or if you prefer npm

npm install --save emotion

To use it, import what you need, for example use css to create class names with styles.

import { css } from 'emotion'

const className = css`
  color: hotpink;

const SomeComponent = ({ children }) => (
  <div className={className}>
    Some hotpink text.{children}

const anotherClassName = css({
  textDecoration: 'underline'

const AnotherComponent = () => (
  <div className={anotherClassName}>
    Some text with an underline.
    <AnotherComponent />
Some hotpink text.
Some text with an underline.

With styled

styled is a way to create React/Preact components that have styles attached to them.

# assuming you already have emotion installed # React yarn add react-emotion # Preact yarn add preact-emotion

or if you prefer npm

# React npm install --save react-emotion # Preact npm install --save preact-emotion


All APIs from emotion are also exported by the react-emotion package.

// change this import to preact-emotion
// if you're using Preact
import styled, { css } from 'react-emotion'

const Button = styled('button')`
  color: hotpink;

  <Button>This is a hotpink button.</Button>

With babel-plugin-emotion


If you're using Create React App, you can't add custom babel plugins so you can skip this section.

Emotion has an optional Babel plugin that optimizes styles by compressing and hoisting them and creates a better developer experience with source maps and labels.

yarn add babel-plugin-emotion

or if you prefer npm

npm install --save babel-plugin-emotion


"emotion" must be the first plugin in your babel config plugins list.

{ "plugins": ["emotion"] }

If you are using Babel's env option emotion must also be first for each environment.

{ "env": { "production": { "plugins": [ "emotion", ...otherBabelPlugins ] } }, "plugins": ["emotion"] }
{ "env": { "production": { "plugins": [["emotion", { "hoist": true }]] }, "development": { "plugins": [ ["emotion", { "sourceMap": true, "autoLabel": true }] ] } } }
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